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Frequesntly Asked Questions

Tuition at the Atmospheric School according to the “Student” package costs 1500 UAH/month, while the “Hearer” packege – 750 UAH/month. Discounts are available for children with special educational needs, orphans and children from large families – 50%. For children who are being treated in medical institutions – education is free. To receive this discount, you must provide the relevant documents.

We have created a platform for children with interesting lessons, which correspond to the curriculum of the full-time school, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Upon successful completion of the Atmospheric School program, we issue a certificate of basic or complete general secondary education of the state standard.

  1. Test tasks were created for self-assessment, they help the student and his parents to monitor the quality and speed of learning. The results of these tests do not affect the final semester grade.
  2. Tests and practical works are evaluated by teachers who work in our school. Also, upon request, the teacher can check and help with the explanation of the material. According to different subjects – different terms of assessment.

All information about the child’s progress is displayed both in the student’s office and in the parents’ office.

Tests can be taken many times, but students’ performance statistics will display information about the test that was taken first. Grades obtained during the test tasks (self-examination) do not affect the semester grade.

Tests at the Atmospheric School are a mandatory part of the learning process of each student. After each topic in a particular subject, information about the planned test appears in the student’s office. The student can choose the day and time of writing this work himself, but, having started this work, he has an hour to complete it. Usually, the student has to complete the test task displayed on the screen, and then take a photo/scan of their work and send it to the teacher for review.

At the end of the lesson there is a link to the materials for self-study, which have separate tasks. Such tasks are not checked and are not evaluated.

There are two options for contacting a teacher:

  1. online chat with the teacher;
  2. online consultation (up to 20 people during one consultation).

If parents or children have questions, it is always possible to contact the school administration (phone, website). We are always in touch and will be happy to help you.

If you do not agree with the assessment – you can always contact the teacher and get an explanation of the assessment.

The semester grade consists of grades for tests, which are made at the end of each topic. The annual grade is formed from two grades in a particular subject: grades for the first semester and the second.

Talk to the principal – by appointment by phone, email [email protected] or in our office.

For 9 months.

Terms of payment are specified in the Agreement/Contract. Payment is made by the 1st of the next school month. If payment is not made by the first, access is denied. Payment is made via liqpay in the parents’ office. To make a payment, go to the section “Parents’ Office” – “Payments”.

After submitting the documents, we provide you with access to our platform, where you can pay for the selected service. You will then have access to all the training materials on the platform. If enrollment takes place after the beginning of the school year (for example, in October), the student will have to pay the full cost of tuition for the month in which he became a student of the school (October). In this case, the student will have access to all educational materials from the beginning of the school year.

Yes, we provide a demo version for you to test and view. With its help you will be able to view abbreviated versions of lessons. study.atschool.com.ua

Through the parent’s office, you can monitor the student’s progress at any time. You will be shown the average score of tests, self-tests, as well as the percentage of material studied, which will help you and the student to control the learning process. Parents will also receive weekly reports on their child’s progress.

Duration of the lesson is from 10 minutes. Depending on the discipline and topic, this time is enough to master the material. But there are additional materials that can be used if the child is interested in the topic.

Please send a screenshot to [email protected] For the fastest processing and correction of inaccuracies, please indicate the subject, class and lesson number in the subject of the letter.

Starting with 9th grade, we will track your child’s progress and performance and guide him to the best learning options.

This is an optional extracurricular work for the development of skills.

Today it is only English, but in the plans we will expand the choices.

It depends on the year of studying. A list of weekly lessons with time for them will be presented in the personal account. The average school week consists of 18-20 school hours.

The school accepts only original documents. Scanned copies are possible only in individual cases and for pre-registration with subsequent submission of originals.

The recommended training schedule is presented on the platform. But you can choose a comfortable pace for the child to process the material. The percentage of lessons learned in a particular subject will be indicated in the personal accounts of the student and parents.

You can learn with a PC, laptop or tablet. Some tasks require a video camera. Internet access is also required.

In the schedule of each student there are video lessons of PE which we advise to carry out together with our trainer. To assess this subject, testing will be conducted, which will be presented in the format of a typical test.

We close access to the platform, the student is expelled from school, we terminate the contract and return the documents.

No, only with the participation and consent of parents. The child is a minor who cannot pay for the services.

Go Getter (5-8 classes) and Gold Experience (9-11 classes). Publisher: Pearson (London, GB).

If blots and corrections do not prevent the teacher from seeing the student’s thoughts and work, the grade will not be reduced.

Ukrainian law stipulates that a child will receive a document where his or her personal file is. Therefore, a child can study in at least several schools, but will receive only one certificate of general secondary education (where his personal file is).

In this case, we will consult each student personally.

The platform was developed on the basis of LMS MOODLE and adapted to the requirements of our school.

Atmospheric course is access to any topic of your choice from the course of study in 5-11 greades. By choosing an Atmospheric course, you will get access to all educational materials: lessons, additional materials, a library with more than 400 licensed online textbooks and self-assessment tests. The cost of one lesson is 25 UAH and the cost of the course depends on the number of lessons in it.