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Ми постійно прагнемо підвищувати якість освіти. Будемо раді почути Ваші зауваження та пропозиції.

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How is distance learning at the Atmospheric School?

Studying at the Atmospheric School

The Atmospheric School students can study according to their personal schedule at their own pace. Having access to educational materials, they can view, listen and re-read them an unlimited number of times at their convenience. That’s why online education is suitable for those who want to manage their own schedule, combining it with a hobby, sports career or other lifestyle peculiarities.

The structure of a typical lesson

  1. Video presentation. This is the main element of the lesson that explains the material in detail and in an accessible way.
  2. Tests for self-check. They will help students to evaluate how they have mastered the material and prepare for tests.
  3. Reference syllabus from the teacher. This is a concise lesson material that will help you to focus on the main issues.
  4. Video laboratory work. All lessons in natural sciences contain video laboratory work, which constitutes an essential addition to the theoretical component of the lesson.
  5. Additional materials. These materials comprise licensed online textbooks and every student of the Atmospheric School will have free access to them. This component of the lesson is not required to study. If desired, the student can use the materials at any time and improve their knowledge on a particular topic.

Communication with the teacher

Communication with the teacher is possible in the chat of the student’s personal account. Our teachers will help with questions related to lesson materials, tests for self-check and explanation of tests results.

We also regularly hold scheduled consultations in each subject, where no more than 20 students can be consulted at a time. If you and your child need a personal consultation with a teacher, we will be happy to arrange a consultation on request.


Detailed information about the student’s results is available in the Student’s account and in the Parent’s account.

The student’s assessment report, which shows tests grades and the average current score, is available on the page ‘My grades’. In just a few clicks, you can also get a more detailed report on a student’s grade point average for a particular subject and compare it to the average score of other students in his/her class.

A report on the percentage of material studied is also presented on the My Estimates page. This is a report that visually displays your child’s learning speed. It shows the percentage of lessons learned comparing to their total number.

In the end of each week, we will send parents their child’s progress reports to ensure the consistency and quality of each student’s learning.

Ми працюємо над собою

Ми постійно прагнемо підвищувати якість освіти. Будемо раді почути Ваші зауваження та пропозиції.

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