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Ми працюємо над собою

Ми постійно прагнемо підвищувати якість освіти. Будемо раді почути Ваші зауваження та пропозиції.

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How to go to distance learning at the Atmospheric School?

Admission, documents

Three steps to learning in the atmosphere of your dreams:

1. Register and choose a class

2. Provide documents for admission

  • A parent’s (a person’s who replace a parent) application (a sample application is sent on request);
  • Copy of the child’s birth certificate;
  • Copies of parents’ documents (passport, ITN);
  • A copy of the guardian certificate (trustee);
  • Passport and ITN (for students over the age of 14)
  • Printed photo 3*4;
  • Personal file of the applicant from the previous educational establishment;
  • Certificate of basic general secondary education (for students who have completed the 9th grade);
  • The original copy of last grades transcript;
  • Medical certificate (form № 0 086-1/о).


If you live abroad or in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine – the applicant may enroll the school without the physical presence, by using electronic and postal means of communication. In this case, scanned documents should be sent to the e-mail address vstup@atschool.com.ua, and the documents should be sent by mail as well. Submission of documents is also possible in our office.

3. Submit the documents to the administration of the ATMOSPHERIC SCHOOL in a convenient way and pay tuition

  • In person, at the address indicated in the contacts section from 09.00. until 18.00;
  • E-mail: vstup@atschool.com.ua – scanned copies of the application and documents;
  • Send by registered mail to the address in the “Contacts” section..

Important for the 9th and 11th grade students!

Applications from the 9th and 11th graders must be submitted by the beginning of the second semester.

For families from the temporarily occupied territories!

We inform families who live in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine or who left these territories (did not have the opportunity to get the documents from the previous educational establishment)!

The procedure for entering the school has been simplified for you:

  • You do not need to provide the personal file and medical card from the previous educational establishment! The Administration of the Atmospheric School will draw up the student’s personal file for you.
  • To enroll a student in specialized secondary education (up to the 10th or 11th grade) you need to provide a certificate of basic general secondary education of the state standard.

If there is no document on education or basic general secondary education document was issued by terrorist organizations or the occupying authorities of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol, students can be enrolled only in basic secondary school (grades 5-9). Such students can master the 9th grade curriculum externally and receive the relevant document on education and continue studying in the 10th grade according to the chosen form of education in the same academic year.

Ми працюємо над собою

Ми постійно прагнемо підвищувати якість освіти. Будемо раді почути Ваші зауваження та пропозиції.

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