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How to get demo access to the learning platform

Demonstration access

To get demo access you need to make 3 simple steps:

On mobile devices, it is recommended to use the horizontal orientation of the gadget.

1. Click on the Try Demo button at the bottom of this page, enter your registration information in the form. The data of one of the parents is obligatory, the data of the student are filled in at will. However, to review the student’s grades in the Parent’s Account, you must add a student. Student’s results/grades are displayed on the Grade Card tab of the Parents’ Account.

Registration page


2. You will receive a letter with a link. You need to confirm your email address: follow the link and set a password. If you do not receive the email, check your spam folder, it may have gone there.

Creating a password.


3. In the Parents’ account, click the Get Demo Access button, select the user and the Demonstration Access class. Only users with verified mail can access demo. Demonstration items can be found in the My Items sections and on the Home page.

Getting demo access

To see a student’s results report in the Parents’ account, you must add the Student’s account in the Parents’ account using the Add a Student button. After confirming the student’s email address, open the demo access to him, as specified in paragraph 3. Reports on the student’s results can be found on the Assessment tab.

Add a Student


Try Demo


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